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C04P07 – That’s the point

C04P07 – That’s the point published on 4 Comments on C04P07 – That’s the point

I really have fun with the dynamics between Warren and Pakku. While a lot of duos usually have a “zany one” and a “straight man,” both Warren and Pakku take life pretty seriously…but they seem zany to each other. It makes it a lot of fun for me to write! 😀

Speaking of zany and fun, I decided on a deadline for my Spontaneous Caption Contest — April 1st! Just fill in dialog for the panel below:

I have a team of friends to help me pick the funniest entry. Prize is a sketch commission. And the joy of putting words into the mouths of these two take-themselves-way-too-seriously-men.

You can email me your entries or submit them to the LeyLines Fan DeviantArt Gallery

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