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C11P88 – Disaster

C11P88 – Disaster published on 15 Comments on C11P88 – Disaster

There are pieces of this page that don’t quite work, but the bits that do I like SO MUCH that I don’t really mind the rest of it.

If you’ve been following comics news, you’ve probably already heard about the public naming of an open-secret serial harasser in DC. Anyone that’s followed comics at all should not find this surprising. Every time an anonymous survey goes out about working conditions in comic companies, issues of sexual assault are raised. Part of why I’ve always found it strange when asked in interviews (always this question comes from men) “Have you ever wished that one of the big publishers would hire you?” I’ve known for a very long time that most of the big publishers have zero interest in me as a demographic, let alone as a creative person. Even if they did, I already left behind one blatantly toxic, sexist work environment (engineering) so why on earth would I subject myself to that a second time?

I’m making my own space. Seeing the news and personal stories unfold over the past few days, I’ve thought often on how important that is. A better and safer comic community starts with each and every one of us trying to be better to each other and making our own best work. On creating spaces and communities that are safe and welcoming to ALL readers, not just a select group of them.

I want this to be a place where you feel comfortable. Where you feel safe to express your opinion, share experiences, and not be concerned that you’ll be targeted or harassed. If there is anything I can do, or anything I need to STOP doing, to make the LeyLines site a better, safer, friendlier environment, please tell me. I always want to become a better host here. If I’ve done anything that needs to be addressed or fixed, I want to know that and I promise to listen. If there’s something that you think I’m doing right, and should continue to focus on in the future, that’s valuable for me to know too. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions, whether you make them publicly in the comments below, or would feel more comfortable addressing them through email or a contact form.

I want you to feel safe here. I want to be part of building a better comics community. What can I do to make sure that happens?

And in a broader, but related issue, what would help you feel safer in any community in your life?

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