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Chapter 11 – All According to Plan

Chapter 11 – All According to Plan published on 6 Comments on Chapter 11 – All According to PlanPurchase

Things Chapter 11 are likely to include:
– Pakku
– Plots
– Things exploding!
– Pirates
– Irate Warrens
– Bad Guys(?)
– Good Guys(?)

I love that we’ve been able to make Phantom’s covers a reoccurring tradition! Their artwork brings an amazing life and style that I adore. If you also enjoy their work, I feel inclined to mention, in a sly and indirect way (much like an insistent aunt attempting to be coy by covertly sliding a folded piece of paper across the table and failing completely at the subterfuge) THAT PHANTOM OFTEN OFFERS COMMISSIONS AND YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK OUT THEIR DA PAGE.

These covers are made possible because of the generous Patrons chipping in a dollar or two each week over on Patreon! Because of their help, I’m able to commission Phantom for the covers. This saves me a lot of time, enabling me to keep up with the workload and keep pages coming on time. So thank you Patrons!! If you’d like to join them in supporting this story, please visit our Patreon page to become a patron! Thank you!

I hope you’re looking forward to the next chapter!

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