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C12P36 – Can’t Take It Back

C12P36 – Can’t Take It Back published on 5 Comments on C12P36 – Can’t Take It Back

CALLING ALL GRAMMAR POLICE, SPELLING ENFORCERS, and CONTINUITY COPS!  When people mix up their, there, and they’re does it send you into a fury?  Do you have very strong opinions about the Oxford comma?  Does you’re head ring when your subjected to improper contractions?  (Is it ringing now?  Yeah, sorry, that was mean of me.)  I need YOU on the TYPO TERMINATION SQUAD!

Every book that I’ve made so far, no matter how many times I check it, and double-check it, and TRIPLE-check it, has had a typo by page 2.  I’m too close to the work, and I see what I know I MEANT to write, rather than what is actually there.  It is driving me to distraction.  So for LeyLines book four, I say:  NO MORE!  LET US STAMP OUT THE TYPOS!  LET US DRIVE THEM FROM THIS LAND!  (Or at the very least, let’s make it to at least page 5, right??)

So here’s your mission, if you choose to accept it.  Book 4 will collect chapter 10 and chapter 11.  I have made a spreadsheet to record all spotted errors.  I have put a link to it on the right side-bar as well, so it’s easy to access when you’re going through the archives.  ANYONE can edit the spreadsheet.  Errors can be text OR visual components, so if you’re reading through chapter 10 or 11 and you see something, SAY SOMETHING!  Just like you would if you saw a ghost.  *Holtzmann wink*

I will of course be doing my own editing, and so will Cory, but more eyes will catch more problems.  Problems we can fix!  So if you excel at spotting the tiny details and would like to help me drive out all the typos from book 4, please join the TYPO TERMINATION SQUAD!

Spider Forest Comics of the Week 2016!


Vector always dreamed of traveling. He got kidnapped instead.

Castoff is one of my favorite new reads of the year.  While there’s plenty of drama, it’s the humor that tickles me every time.  Like the lovely flight of the Vector-bird.  So majestic.  Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it.  It’s pretty unforgettable.

Sons of the Forgotten

Sons of the Forgotten is still a wee babe of a webcomic (only 16 pages into its first chapter) but it has a very promising start.  The art is gorgeous and the story super endearing.  It has a strong DnD vibe to it, with a party of adventurers and fantastical settings.  The creators clearly have a lot in store and an active community, so I think we can expect some big things in the future!

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