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C13P42 Abomination

C13P42 Abomination published on 8 Comments on C13P42 Abomination

Dream Eater is really not a fan of this whole mortal/god hybrid thing.  There are many reasons he has not fully crossed that line with Zhiro.  One of them is simple disgust with the idea.

Sometimes I write with one set of ideas in mind, and a scene comes along that makes me rethink everything about my plans.  Often, because I realize that the assumptions I made were lazy or incomplete, or I simply hadn’t thought enough about something yet.  This section with Bone Matron was one of those moments.  In general, with most of my “antagonists,” this happens a lot.  Koruval was originally just flat out evil, for example, and used his children as disposable tools that he did not care about at all in the original LeyLines draft.  Then I started thinking about things like motive and personality, and all of a sudden he got complicated on me.  Bone Matron has gone through a similar process.

Sometimes it’s the act of drawing a character that does it.  An expression will surprise me, and change the nature of the dialog.  When I’d first imagined Bone Matron’s dialog in this section, she was removed.  Aloof.  Cold.  Yet when I came to draw her, the character did not want to play the scene that way.  This was her friend, and he was hurting, and she could not bear to offer so little comfort.  I realized that this moment was far more than a cog in one of her machines of fate.  This was a moment that changed how she defined herself.  Rather than being just one step of many, this is a pivot point.  It informs everything that comes after.

Part of writing is being flexible and open to change.  Not all characters are willing to play the parts as originally assigned (I’M LOOKING AT YOU UNA AND WARREN AND PAKKU).  Like actors, they bring their own personality, preferences, and ideas to the roles.  Shaping them in new ways.  A writer can adapt to these changes, or try to exert their power over the players and force them into the intended shape.  I have always preferred to follow the cues that the characters give me.  I’m rarely disappointed when I do.

Frustrated, confused, and on occasion baffled as I scramble to make all my plot points work…but never disappointed.

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