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C11P03 – Totka

C11P03 – Totka published on 3 Comments on C11P03 – TotkaPurchase

In which Lu Pai teaches us more naughty words.

Last month I re-read a favorite book that I’ve adored since childhood, called The Deed of Paksenarrion. I was really enjoying it, and thought I’d share some thoughts on my Twitter feed. However, that name there is just a touch difficult to spell, and so I looked up the exact title of the book. Lo and behold, I discovered that after almost 20 years, the author, Elizabeth Moon, had written a sequel series!

It probably goes without saying that I treated myself to some new books and blew my stipend for the month. (Although I did buy used, so I don’t feel QUITE so guilty…)

Reading them has been…well…I’ve never before had an experience that I could describe as “living a childhood dream” before. Maybe that sounds silly, for a book, but when I was a kid I was desperate for more from this world and its characters. Hungry. I scoured libraries, book stores, and finally the hard truth that there were no more books to find sunk in. I cried tears of frustration over that loss. So now, to finally return to that world, is just simply magic.

It’s not the same kind of story as the first. Paksenarrion was the main character in the other three books, and nearly all our time was spent with her. These new novels are more sprawling, and jump from person to person and place to place. However, I really enjoy that aspect of it. I felt Paks’ journey was complete, and while I’m happy to see her appear here and there in the book, I’m really excited to spend more time with the rest of the cast. Especially the Duke. In the previous novels, there always seemed to be so many layers to these characters, but they were hidden, with only the occasional glimpse to the reader. Now I get to know them all better, and it feels like a joyous reunion of sorts. Amazing, how fond we can get of people inside the pages of a book.

Have you ever had the chance to live a childhood dream? What was it like?

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