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C13P66 SPLOP published on 4 Comments on C13P66 SPLOP

‘Scuse me while I jam my arm into this emotionally caustic metaphysical goop.  It’s fine.  Totally fine.  Ignore the shakes.

Kali has been very anxious about getting water to her tribe.  So this could be pretty handy…but is it too good to be true??

On the topic of gifts, my birthday is coming up this month.  I used to be very superstitious about my birthday, because for a string of years really bad things happened on my birthday.  I became convinced that it was a bad luck day.  It’s very hard to celebrate myself in general, and a day dedicated to doing that has always felt a little intolerable.  Cory’s helped me learn to be okay with it, and his family are good about making birthdays special without them being too over the top.

I have even, in recent years, occasionally treated myself to a present.  This is the rarest of gifts, because I struggle mightily to even buy bare basics for myself.  I used to joke that the only people keeping me clothed were Cory’s parents, because they would give me shirts or sweaters for Christmas.  I will wear a thing to rags and still not be able to give myself permission to buy a new shirt.  So to get a gift — especially a frivolous gift — for myself is like…it’s a Big Deal, friends.

And this year.  This year I have…a plan.

I was looking for gift ideas for folks in my life for the upcoming Christmas year.  There are certain individuals I know that have no such qualms about buying themselves things, and as a result they are also somewhat hard to shop for.  However, they have a pet they adore who chews through toys like a blender chews through ripe peaches, and it occurred to me that a service like Bark Box might be a good fit for them.  It’s a monthly shipment of dog toys and treats.  Loot Crate has one too.  I’m still trying to determine where on the Nerd Scale these particular individuals are, so I haven’t settled on what to go with yet.

Now, I’m not generally one for Stuff.  The “it’s pretty, but useless, and now you have to dust it” kind of Stuff.  I’m not a duster.  And my memory is bad, so often I’ll forget where Stuff came from.  I like consumables and wearables (see previous statements on shirts and sweaters) because I get a frequent reminder and memory when I use that object or eat that food or whatever.  So a lot of these monthly subscription things are not really my cup of tea because do I really need a bajillion figurines??

But then I had a thought.  A dangerous thought:  What if…there was one for tea?

And then I couldn’t resist the temptation to look.  And what I found was even worse.  EVEN.  WORSE.  Than simple monthly tea subscription services….

I found one that does both tea AND BOOKS!

I’m doomed.

So I think for my birthday I will save up and treat myself to Muse Monthly.  The more I’ve looked into what they do, the more excited I am.  Especially when I discovered they put an emphasis on debut writers and minority authors.  Like, BAM, that’s been my entire Book List Mission Statement for the past several years.  And they pair the tea WITH THE BOOK!  Flavor (literal) to flavor (figurative).  Like –  AUGH! – Did these people COME INTO MY HOUSE and do a study of EVERYTHING I LIKE?  Am I being watched??  Do they know the size of my tea cabinet and bookshelves???

So I’ve kinda been obsessing about it.  For weeks.  I’m going to save up.  I hope that I can get enough cash together by the end of the month to get whatever they’ve got planned for November.  And that will be my big gift to myself this year.

Have you ever given a gift to yourself?  What was it?

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