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Chapter 13 – History Lesson

Chapter 13 – History Lesson published on 10 Comments on Chapter 13 – History Lesson

Sorrel, who also does the color flatting for every page (thank you Patrons for helping make that possible!!) did the inks for this cover (as well as chapter 12’s cover).  I love the fluidity and life she brings to her lines.  Coloring her inks are an absolute delight!  Thank you Sorrel for your help with this cover, and for the dedication, speed, and attention to detail you show for every single page you work on.  (To the person reading this:  If you’re a comic artist that would like help with your color flats, contact me.  I’ll be happy to connect you with Sorrel.  She is amazing!)

Today I had the kind of doctor’s visit that results in pain afterwards, so no long musings from me tonight.  (Not anything serious or life-threatening.  Mostly preventative.  Just…requires some minor recovery time.)  Hope you all have a good night!  I’m really excited to share chapter 13 with you all!  I think it will be a good one.

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