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C13P36 – Inside Out

C13P36 – Inside Out published on 16 Comments on C13P36 – Inside Out

Well hello there big fella.  Where have we seen you before?

Today I finished my biggest embroidery project yet!  In keeping with my Pickles theme, I made it a Picklespalooza celebration of trying new things and making mistakes.  It’s my personal headcannon that Pickles is a pretty accomplished bird.  True, Pickles has a thoroughly rotten memory and can’t be relied upon to remember to bring things like snacks or flags or rings, BUT…Pickles was still chosen for the job in the first place.  Which means that outside of the memory issues, Pickles must be a pretty great companion.  Part of the Fellowship, Best Man, Astronaut…I mean, you don’t get those positions without having a pretty impressive resume.  Pickles might not be good at memory…but that doesn’t make Pickles worthless.  Just imperfect.  And that’s okay.  The imperfect can still lead pretty exciting and wonderful lives.

In case my stitching on the words isn’t legible, the quote is from Albert Einstein and reads “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Speaking of trying new things, I learned three new stitches for this project.  One of which I ripped out because I hated how it looked (feather stitch.  Blech.) but the point is I learned something new.  The other two new stitches were the lazy daisy (the flower like ornaments at the corners) and the feather chain stitch (the purple border).  You can see where I started with the feather chain stitch (left side) and how I got better at doing it as I went around the sides.  Everything becomes more even.  I thought about redoing the left side, but felt that it was more in keeping with the spirit of the piece.  The other four stitches in this piece are the satin stitch (filling in blocks of color), the stem stitch (outlines and letters), the chain stitch (pink border and whites of the eyeballs), and french knots (the light in Pickles’ eyes and the little bits of colors in the flower centers).

I’m especially proud of the detail work on LOTR Pickles.  The brooch on the cloak has little leaf veins, which you can see on the close-up:

Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out!  I think my next piece will be either tea themed or DS9 themed.  WAIT.  Wait wait wait…OR BOTH?!  Augh, I could do one that features each person’s favorite beverage!  #DrinkSpaceNine  Tarkalean tea for Bashir, Raktajino for The Sisko, Coffee (Jamaican Blend, Double Hot, Double Sweet) for O’Brien…I think Garak is a fan of Red Leaf Tea?  Root beer for Nog, obviously.  (Shush I’m a nerd let me have this).  Anyway.

What’s one new thing you’ve learned or tried recently?

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