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Chp 13/14 Vignette P2

Chp 13/14 Vignette P2 published on 2 Comments on Chp 13/14 Vignette P2

Pakku likes things to be neat and tidy and clearly where they are supposed to be.  All things people usually aren’t, unfortunately.

I’ve been doing some prep work for my next RPG session coming up in November.  (Side note: WHERE DID OCTOBER GO???)  I want mail to be waiting for my players when they come into port, so I’m drafting different notes from people they’ve met or told me about in their backstories. It’s a fun exercise.  A letter is such an isolated moment in time for a person.  What kinds of language do they use?  What events in their lives do they share?  How formal or familiar are they?  Even hand writing (or font, in this case, although I’m trying to use ones that look like hand writing) and paper choices can say a lot about a person.  It’s been interesting to go through and create these different missives.

If you’re working on stories of your own, consider doing some in-character letters to other members of the cast, just as a writing exercise!  It can be an interesting way to get a different perspective on a character.  (Feel free to share them in the comments!  I’d love to read them!)


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This vignette is written by me and illustrated by the wonderful Noel Arthur Heimpel!  You can find links to Noel’s completed webcomic Ignition Zero, their Numinous Tarot deck, and other work on their main website ( and support them on Patreon (

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