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C06P18 – Dance

C06P18 – Dance published on 8 Comments on C06P18 – Dance

I wanted the worship of the old gods to be very different than the way people interact with the modern gods. We’ve seen a little about how DreamEater and the Rainbow Goddess interact with the people of this world, but the older gods remain a mystery. Even to some of their followers.

Speaking of mysteries…There’s a LOT to those cave dwellings that can’t quite be seen. Maybe they’ll be included in the book…it’ll be all up to the Kickstarter Contributors to decide! That poll will be sent out at the end of today!
More details in the latest video update!

Special Announcement!

A fellow LeyLian, Mariah, has started their own webcomic! It is called “Conceivable” and you can find it here!

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