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C13P11 – Stay Focused

C13P11 – Stay Focused published on 21 Comments on C13P11 – Stay Focused

So, Mizha…that method had…mixed results.  Fortunately, dream Flutterbutt to the rescue!  Zhiro’s just lucky he didn’t get pounced and covered in sloppy Rakaro kisses.

Growing up we had a dog named Ben.  He was an Australian Shepherd who I’m pretty sure was at least 60% convinced he was a human.  He’d always do his best to talk, making these “rowr wouuurrr” noises in greeting, and turning in a circle over and over.  He had no tail, so his butt would kinda wiggle crazily, like he was trying to make a frenzied doughnut dance this year’s newest craze.  It was his traditional greeting.

Have you ever had a pet that had a unique way of saying “hello”?