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C03P31 – Eep!

C03P31 – Eep! published on 10 Comments on C03P31 – Eep!

REMINDER – Last week to for LeyLines Love Contest! Entries due Wednesday, February 1st!

Check out the most recent submission, by CC Rogers of the fantasy webcomic “Rune”!

As for today’s comic….Zhiro’s not really one to mince words, but it’s probably safe to say he’s a bit upset at ol’ Lu. Just a guess. That, or he’s quite irritated with that door.

When I was a kid I would sometimes get so angry that I would be completely ruled by my temper. Fortunately, it was pretty rare and only under extreme circumstances, but it was always a scary experience to have. Learning how to deal with anger in an appropriate way has been (and continues to be) a challenging journey.

Have you ever been ruled by your temper? What did you do to change that?

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