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C04P00 – Figments

C04P00 – Figments published on 17 Comments on C04P00 – Figments

Soooo excited to share this chapter with you guys!! This has some of my favorite material thus far, both in story content and in artwork. I hope you enjoy it!!

March 2nd is also LeyLines’ anniversary! Been going one full year now, and I’m very excited to announce that to celebrate, LeyLines will now be updating THREE TIMES A WEEK! On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!! This is in large part to Rianale and Phantom, my two assistant colorists. I’m so grateful to have them as part of the Moko Press team!!

As for you, dear LeyLians, thank you for your continued support, comments, and general awesomeness. You guys, as always, are amazing. Hugs for all, and I’ll see you Monday!

Timozh Zhuo Toru Uz

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