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C04P05 – A stolen moment

C04P05 – A stolen moment published on 10 Comments on C04P05 – A stolen moment

I always found Columbus’ desire in Zombieland to brush hair out of a girl’s face to be remarkably endearing. It’s one of my preferred signs of affection to receive. That, and head-scratches. I also like pawing, head-butting, and meowing at people as ways of expressing my affection towards others. Not-so-secretly, I am actually a cat. Heaven help you if you get in between me and a sunshine spot.

How do you express affection?

I’m participating in the Spider Forest Collective’s “Link of the Week” – This week is The Only Half Saga. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Cabal, a reformed dhampir, seeks revenge against his father, the vampire that stole his mother’s heart and mind. WARNING: This comic is marked mature and is quite dark, with content that I would NOT recommend for anyone under the age of 13. Please act accordingly!

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