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C4P25 – Glad you’re here

C4P25 – Glad you’re here published on 39 Comments on C4P25 – Glad you’re here

Tama may be right. Zhiro seems be getting a little sassy with all these injuries. Everybody copes with bad situations differently, I guess!

I’ve been planting vegetables in the garden all weekend. A little early, but I won’t be around for normal planting time, so I wanted them to get established before I leave for a little while. Tomatoes, squash, carrots, beets, onions, lettuce. I like practical plants. Never been a big fan of flowers, although I’ll confess a fondness for iris blooms and lilacs. It’s so strange, taking care of seedlings. Is it odd, to think of them almost like children? I want them to have only the best soil, the perfect amount of water, to set them up for future success. I view LeyLines in the same way. It is a seedling, a child, and I want to give it my best and get it started right. I want it to put down roots and grow into something magnificent.

I guess that’s what people mean when they have a project that is “their baby”!

Do you have any project that is “your baby” right now?

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