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C13P35 – No more stories

C13P35 – No more stories published on 8 Comments on C13P35 – No more stories

Forget indigestion…maybe this is food poisoning?

Also, Kali seriously took what Mizha said regarding focus to heart.  That, and she’s still not willing to extend this trickster a ton of trust.  After all, he might just be a big faker.

I’ve been getting multiple reports of weird glitches in comments and delays in comments showing up.  If this has happened to you, I’m sorry for the inconvience and general oddness.  The issues started with the newest WordPress update and Cache plugin update.  I have turned off the Cache plugin to see if that fixes the issues.  If the problems stop, I’ll look into different plugins to keep the site speed up without sacrificing the usability.  If you do have a problem, please let me know.  If comments aren’t working for you, there’s always Twitter, Facebook, or the Contact Me page.

Speaking of Twitter, I received a lovely gift there today from @KaylaOfAurcana.

Thank you so much!  Kayla creates the comic City of Aurcana.  Paris is a young human doctor on a world overtaken by aliens.  As a strange disease that targets half-human/half-alien hybrids starts to spread, Cash, one of the half breeds, reaches out to Paris to save his infected best friend.

Last week I was hired as a tutor for a young creative local interested in comics.  I’ll be starting in June, which will be very exciting.  It also means that I’m definitely going to run that fan-work contest I was debating last week. I’ll put together a formal announcement and figure out some rules by the end of this week in lieu of a Q&A comic on Friday.  (Speaking of, if you’ve missed any of those, they are all collected here.)

It will be interesting to work one-on-one with a student rather than in groups.  Most of the lesson plans I have are developed for larger amounts of kids, complete with group activities.  Some I should be able to adapt — the field-trip to a local part to do some perspective drawing — but other things, like students striking a pose for the rest of the group to sketch, I’ll need to find other approaches for.  Maybe I could turn it into a make-your-own-reference exercise?  Set up the computer camera, let them make whatever poses they want, and then have them draw from the reference they made?

I’ll have to get creative with it.  Should be fun!