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C13P19 – Rumble

C13P19 – Rumble published on 13 Comments on C13P19 – Rumble

Kali’s dislike of Dream Eater may be a bit more personal than she was willing to let on.  There is a reason that the Elders of Kali’s tribe do not trust Dream Eater or his “cultist collaborating monks.”  But it’s possible they don’t have the full story…they might even have some things in common.  Especially considering how upset Dream Eater was with his monks when he last saw them.

Have I mentioned my bad memory before?  I’m pretty sure I have.  Pretty sure it would have come up at least once by now.

Anyway, I mention it because my friend Umberto wanted to have a D&D game for his birthday and he asked us to make characters.  Now, I had a character that I’d used for D&D before (a gigantic semi-sentient alligator bard-barian with a human totem…in the form of a banjo maul…ANYWAY) but one thing I’ve always struggled with is remembering what my character can even DO at the table.  D&D always seems to have a million and one things to track (part of why I prefer other systems) so I was wondering if there was a way to give my leaky brain some tools with which to plug some of those memory holes.

I’ve seen players use cards before, like on Acquisitions Inc, and I thought that could help a little.  I found a very helpful card generator but it only got the spells down in tiny text, which is a good start, but not super great for a visual person.  So I thought I’d make some…additions.

Here are a few that I put together, after wandering Google image search for things that my brain found entertaining.  I thought I’d share in the hopes that you’d find them amusing too:

Overall I felt they worked pretty well at the table!  Just the act of putting them all together meant I was more familiar with each spell and I could shuffle through the cards to remind myself of their exact details.  I’d call the experiment a success!

Have you ever come up with a clever way to shore up a weakness?  What did you do?