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C13P56 – What did you do

C13P56 – What did you do published on 11 Comments on C13P56 – What did you do

Wherever Dream Eater is concerned, Zhiro always starts with absolute faith that suddenly gets called into question…and then a moment of sudden panic.  That’s a lot of good faith to burn through, DE.  Something to think about for the future.  Just saying.

On the other half of this dream-walking duo, I love writing for Kali so much. She is a passionate and blunt person, and sometimes that can make her really intense, but it also means that she changes her mind and empathizes with people more than pretty much anybody on the cast.

Kali will make snap-judgements about someone, but she’s also willing to look at things from somebody else’s perspective. She always acts very certain in the moment, but as soon as she has time to think, she’ll start to reconsider her position.  Sometimes that’s a bad thing, because she’ll doubt herself too much, but I think it takes a lot of courage to take a hard look at your actions and try to learn from them.  Fundamentally, she cares about people, she hates to see anybody hurting, and she’s willing to question her past actions. She’s also willing to support people by saying the good things she sees, as well as the bad.  And I love all of those things about her.

The entire Naza family could learn a lot from Kali.  And Dream Eater could too.

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