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C05P04 – Guess I was wrong

C05P04 – Guess I was wrong published on 18 Comments on C05P04 – Guess I was wrong

We last saw the lieutenant on this page when he asked Lu Pai to “make it convincing”. Now you get to see what he meant! Would you be fooled? And do you think Warren will be?

As part of the Spider Forest group, we’re doing a comic a week! This week’s feature is Willow’s Grove. Max (a dog) & Bob (a lizard) were taking their usual walk in the woods surrounding Willow’s Grove when Bob found a spaceship. The spaceship took off with them in it, leaving a pair of replicants behind to take their place, and whisked them off into space. Turns out an organization called the Central Nexus leaves sleeper ships on planets, hoping unsuspecting folks will go on board and the ship would kidnap them, bring them to the processing center where they would become slaves of the Nexus, hauling goods from planet to planet under control of the Nexus. Max & Bob, with the help of their new friend Nick (a cat from Earth who had been kidnapped over a year ago), foil their plan and reprogram the ship for them to be able to head back home. Unfortunately, the ship, having detected the intruder Nick, zaps him while he is too close to the navigation computer wiping it out and leaving the crew lost in space.

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