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C05P25 – Leave it

C05P25 – Leave it published on 13 Comments on C05P25 – Leave it

Warren, the soft spots in your heart have the WORST TIMING EVER.

Been musing on the London Opening Ceremonies. I find it really interesting that, in a display of what the organizers view as “essentially British” the true star of the show was the country’s literature. From Tempest to Harry Potter to James Bond. It was a common theme celebrating the creativity and beauty of the written word. The United Kingdom has provided the bulk of what is great about Western literature.

It made me think about what I appreciate about my own country the most. Would I celebrate the creativity of the United States? No, not particularly, especially as I find most “Great American Literature” incredibly questionable.

No, not creativity…but Innovation! That I think is a quality worth remembering, for there have been many great innovators that came out of this country. People that were willing to think differently, and approach their challenges with persistence and dedication. People that were unwilling to bow beneath the weight of failure and mistakes. From the founding fathers, to Thomas Edison, to Steve Jobs. Eccentric, odd, often incredibly disagreeable, but possessing of an incredible will to create, to change, to appropriate, and to move forward without pause. It may be romanticizing the historical facts a bit, (as all of these historic figures had a rather long list of faults) but I feel the core spirit of innovation is true. Otherwise, I doubt you’d be reading this at all, because I would not be making a story or sharing it online.

What about YOUR country do you find worth celebrating?

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