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C09P18 – Forgotten

C09P18 – Forgotten published on 20 Comments on C09P18 – Forgotten

Ah…family photo time. Was that the best smile you could manage, Tama? Really? Or did you just refuse to participate other than being present?

I’ve always hated photos. I know, I know, they’re important for chronicling the past and all that, but I’m the least photogenic person ON EARTH. In part because I cannot for the life of me generate a genuine smile. This is in large part due to how family photos were done when I was growing up. Step one would be to gather everyone in an awkward group, arranged so that you were looking directly into the blinding Colorado sun. Step two would be my father insisting that we weren’t smiling right, and the only correct way to smile would be to show ALL of your teeth. Step three would be squinting and grimacing for what felt like half an hour while the person behind the camera would hit all the wrong buttons, or someone would blink, or they’d take untold extras “just to be sure.”

As a result, my hatred of photos has resulted in the only record of my existence that exists of my own volition as an adult are all the reference photos I take for my comics. That face Tama’s making on the last page? Yeah. Have that on film.

What about you? What do you like or dislike about capturing the moments of your life on camera?

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