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C11P06 – Not my problem

C11P06 – Not my problem published on 6 Comments on C11P06 – Not my problemPurchase

My friend, Liz Staley of Adrastus, is in the semi-finals for the TGT Tournament! There’s only a few days left to vote, and I know she’d appreciate your help! So please check that out!

This whole week I took a step back from worrying about the book. I stopped trying to force myself to crack the whip and hop-to. Instead I focused on trying to get a little ahead on LeyLines pages, and I even gave myself a night to draw something completely unrelated to LeyLines, which I very rarely do. And wouldn’t you know it, I awakened Saturday morning so excited to work on the book again that I completed four pages of extras in just a few hours. A similar amount of work took me days the week before. It seems that what I needed to do the most was get out of my own way.

The not-related-to-LeyLines-drawing that I did was of Frost and Rhiannon, from the OCT I participated in back in…2009? Geez, that was a long time ago! It still holds extreme sentimental value for me. That was the first time I’d ever attempted anything in color, and by the end of the tournament I had the confidence to attempt LeyLines. I also met many of the people that help me today with the color flats on every page, including Phantom and Lewis. I think that interacting with the community for the Oberon’s Garden OCT taught me a lot about how to be myself online, rather than hiding behind my work. As a writer, I learned more about my sense of humor and what my own voice sounded like. And the characters…With Rhiannon by JoTyler especially, I had the incredible experience of someone else’s character transforming my own. My original plan for Frost was incredibly bleak and hopeless. Then I was against Rhi, and suddenly, I found brand new sides of my own character rising to the surface. A playfulness, a softness, a hopefulness that I never anticipated. And it was amazing and darn near magical, and as a result these characters, and the OCT in general, live in a special place in my heart. It was nice to visit them again.


What characters or stories do you have a nostalgic fondness for, and why?

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