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Chp 13/14 Vignette P5

Chp 13/14 Vignette P5 published on 2 Comments on Chp 13/14 Vignette P5

Enjoying these lovely watercolor illustrations?  Take a look at Noel’s other work including their comic Ignition Zero, their Numinous Tarot deck, and more projects at their website and support them on Patreon.

First vlog of the month is available to everyone!  For folks that would like to catch every weekly vlog, become a patron for $1/month over on Patreon!

In this month’s vlog, I’m looking for some input on both the Creator Corner feature for this month and the best way to take a holiday break for the upcoming Thanksgiving/Christmas seasons.  I’m also sharing a PURRfect commission I worked on last week. It is utterly PAWsome. And absolutely made FUR someone special.

If you’d like a pet mugshot of your own as a fun holiday gift, just contact me!  I’m offering these at $60 per mugshot for the monochromatic watercolor style I’ve shown in the video.  For a closer look at these, here’s a photo of all four:

Something to consider, for the special pet owner in your life.  I promise they will bring much meow-erriment.  <n_n>

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