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C04P09 – Her favorite

C04P09 – Her favorite published on 17 Comments on C04P09 – Her favorite

It’s interesting, as a creator, to see how readers respond to things in different ways. When I mentioned Vepina in this page, I did not expect AT ALL how many people would start asking questions about her. SO, just because people were that interested, I decided in this chapter to include a few more tid-bits about the mysterious Vepina. 🙂

I’ve always enjoyed fairy tales, so it only made sense when world-building to invent a few for the different cultures. In OUR culture, my favorite fairy tale has always been Eleven Swans, about the princess who had her eleven brothers turned into swans by her evil step-mother. The only way the curse could be broken was to weave each brother a sweater made from stinging nettles, all while obeying a vow of silence. Since the nettles could only be found in grave-yards, people began to believe she was a witch. Just before she was burned to death, she flung the sweaters out to her eleven swan brothers, who all turned back into humans. Except for the last brother, for his sister did not quite have time to finish the sleeve of his sweater. Although most of his body returned to normal, one arm was forever a swan’s wing. Something about the bitter-sweet nature of that tale has always appealed to me. I was never satisfied with purely happy endings, even as a child!

Do you have a favorite fairy tale?

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