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C13P61 – Mysteries Only Take

C13P61 – Mysteries Only Take published on 12 Comments on C13P61 – Mysteries Only Take

And we’ve come full circle.  Who could have guessed this is where we’d end up at the start of this dream adventure?

There’s a meme going around Twitter that asks people to describe a person’s art as how it would taste.  My friend Noel posted it and I said their work would be, “Really colorful cupcakes, only all the colors have their own flavor, but they all work together. Like magic.”  Noel’s work is so full of vibrant watercolors and beautiful imagery.  They did the Tarot project I mentioned a while back as well as the comic Ignition Zero.  There’s a fun, upbeat quality to what they do as well.  Cupcakes seemed perfect.

It was a fun, silly exercise!  It made me wonder how I would describe the other kinds of art and stories I enjoy.  For instance…my all time favorite TV show, Star Trek Deep Space Nine?  Part of me wants to say Cajun food.  I mean, Sisko’s Creole Kitchen is a part of the show!  All those flavors, a merging of cuisine traditions from many different cultures.  And yet there’s a hominess to it, a comfort-food quality.  Yeah.  Creole.  That’s definitely the flavor.

What would your favorite show/book/movie/etc taste like?

…and I wouldn’t be a curious artist if I didn’t ask what you think LeyLines‘ flavor/food would be, so I’m putting that out there too.

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