June 30, 2011

ShadowBinders, by Thom and Kambrea Pratt is a relatively new comic, but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. This comic hits the ground running, and wastes no time in diving into a story that promises to be an epic adventure.

Mia White is a teen-aged girl with an interest in antiquities (and a certain high-school heart-throb) who inexplicably finds herself transported to a world she has but glimpsed in dazzling dreams. A mysterious artifact from her grandfather appears to be the key to her mystical relocation, but she has far more to occupy her attention. Especially Crimson Rhen, self-assured captain of the air ship, True North. While his smug attitude may drive Mia to frustration so great that jumping overboard seems like a viable option, none can deny that his skills as a magic user (and daring rescuer) are impressive. With little control over when Mia vanishes from her world and appears in the other, she quickly becomes tangled up in the adventures of the crew. With the disturbing discovery of a Wanderer, who raves of Whispering Winds, the fate of the True North seems likely to take a turn for the worse, with Mia along for the ride!

One of the things that makes this comic stand out, (besides the great story, intriguing mystery, and unique characters) is the fantastic designs. With a definite steam-punk flavor, the environments, ships, towns, and tools have a really interesting and bold look, not to mention lovely little details that pull you into the setting. Much like the story’s visuals, Shadowbinders starts with dramatic strokes to set the tone and feel of the plot and world, providing lots of extra little details as you go along to grab your interest and keep you coming back for more.

Shadowbinders is coming up on its first year anniversary, and it really feels like it’s ramping up for something big, making this the perfect time to get on-board. There’s enough in the archives to sink your teeth into, but it’s still short enough that getting caught up isn’t difficult. Steam punk, fantasy, mecha, and magic. What more could a person want?


That is a REALLY beautiful poster. Especially the colors and lighting, and the compositon.

And I have been meaning to sit down and read through ShadowBinders – I will definitely have to make it a priority now. :D

Thank you! I am particularly proud of how the ship came out. The rest of the drawing could look like an absolute mess and I’d STILL be happy about it just for that ship. It was really fun to work with more pencil/computer shading too.

I think now is a good time to give SB a try, because it has this calm-before-the-storm feeling at the moment and I suspect once it really gets going it’ll be pretty amazing!


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