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Creature Feature: Rakaros

Creature Feature: Rakaros published on 2 Comments on Creature Feature: Rakaros

For this Friday Blog, let’s focus on the Rakaros. They made their first appearance when Mizha unleashed her Dreamer abilities in the train, but they’ve also made appearances during Zhiro’s chat with Dream Eater. There’s a reason for that (and a reason that the Mizha Nightmare Version of Dream Eater appeared right after the Rakaros did from Mizha’s mirror.) The Rakaro is considered the familiar of Dream Eater, and when we get to the Shadow Monk temple you’ll notice that their image will be everywhere. From statues, to tapestries, to paintings. In part, this is due to the prevalence of the animal in the area surrounding the temple. The mountains of Momuru province is the central territory of the Rakaro.

In design, I wanted the Rakaros to have a little bit of everything. I’ve always loved jack-a-lopes. Growing up in the west meant I saw a lot of them stuffed on walls (and, for much of my childhood, convinced they were real). Hence the horns and big bunny ears. They needed to have some menace, however, so they took on some more canine features. To balance out the predatory additions, I mixed in a little lizard, a little rodent, and a good measure of squirrel. I liked the idea that these are more clever scavengers than hunters. Highly intelligent, very curious, but ultimately cowards. They might try to take a swipe at you if they can get the drop on you, but for the most part they’ll just wait until you fall asleep and then steal your supply bags. 🙂


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