MOKO Press Team

MOKO Press, LLC, is the publishing company owned by Robin Dempsey and Cory Childs! Through MOKO, we’ll be bringing you products based on the stories we create. The first tale is the one you’re reading now, LeyLines, but we hope to bring you lots of other great adventures in the future!

Please support this and future stories by purchasing something from our store! Thank you!! You make this possible!

Our team includes:

Robin Dempsey, Creator and Manager

I act as the chief manager of MOKO Press…which basically means I’m actively trying to drive myself crazy by giving myself WAY too much to do! I’m also the writer and artist of LeyLines. Growing up, I thought I would never find a passion for anything…until I discovered webcomics! Now I don’t want to do anything else! You can read more about me on the Creator Page.

Cory Childs, Editor and Co-owner

Cory James Childs is an aspiring writer, game designer, and chef. He hopes that MOKO press will help creators of media achieve their dreams. In his free time, Cory is a black-belt martial artist and community service volunteer.

S. Ironmonger, Freelance Artist & Assistant Colorist

Hello! My name is Sarah Ironmonger. Sometimes people call me Ria (short for Rianale) or just “Ironmonger”. I’m currently enrolled as a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design as a Sequential art major. I really love comics, and I hope to launch some webcomics of my own one day as well as find my way in the art industry. A few things I’m interested in (outside of art and comics) are collecting music that inspires me, photography, toy collecting, horror, robots, firearms, video games, internet culture, and cats. …Especially cats. You can see more of my work on my Deviant Art Page!

J. Embleton, Freelance Artist & Assistant Colorist

The elusive J. Embleton is occasionally found in the barren mountains of Utah scavenging for its natural food source, pizza. This particular one, more commonly known as Phantom, can often be seen drawing, writing, procrastinating, or all of the above when not searching for its important life-sustaining substance. This rare specimen also attends Southern Utah University and is going into the illustrious major of Creative Writing, with an emphasis on science fiction horror. If you would like to learn more about the J. Embleton, please visit the Endangered Embleton Research Society website.



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