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Una Vignette P8

Una Vignette P8 published on 10 Comments on Una Vignette P8

..Makes you wonder what his poetry was like.  I mean, horrible-yet-charming is a tough mix to master.

It has been suggested to me that at some point I make Una’s Dad Poetry an extra in the back of a book…but I think it would be way more fun to have an Una’s Dad Poetry slam with readers instead.  People could submit their worst-yet-somehow-charming love poems, and maybe we could have prizes for the goofiest, or the sweetest, or something to that effect.

What do you think?


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I love an Una’s dad poetry contest. And also Una’s mom is awesome. Literally the coolest woman.

A charming story, so far. But is it true? At this stage, I would be readier to take Una at her word if she were speaking to Pakku.

A fair question. I could tell you, or let you come up with your own assessment. Which would you prefer?

Heh. I trust your storytelling. We will find out – or not – as the story requires it. And in the meantime, I will contain my curiosity with what patience I can muster, and attempt to draw no conclusions without proof. Although, incidentally, I suspect that knowing the answer now would not spoil the enjoyment of the subsequent story. Trollope challenges his readers in one novel (I forget which, alas) to jump ahead to the last chapter and then come back and read the rest – declaring that the interest and enjoyment lies in seeing how the characters interact, not merely in knowing the solutions.

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