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Una Vignette 04

Una Vignette 04 published on 6 Comments on Una Vignette 04

Holy coooooow Eren did an AMAZING job with the backgrounds on this page!  Unlike Blue’s safehouse/workshop, this space is where he actually lives in the city.  He’s bothered with decorating and a degree of cleanliness.  Figuring out this space with Eren was a lot of fun.  We talked about the kind of person Blue is, and how his surroundings might reflect his preferences, thoughts, and feelings.  What kind of impression do you get from this space?

At the start of this Vignette I gave a shout out to Noel for their help on this short, but I forgot to mention that they’re running a Kickstarter for their own online comic, Ignition Zero, right now!!  IZ is a queer, urban fantasy webcomic about a group of college-age friends who get mixed up with faeries and spirits. It takes place in the fictitious city of Glory, Maryland, and covers the adventure Robbie, Orson, Neve, and Martin have with the spirit of the city, a being they call Ivory. The story begins when Robbie moves to Glory to go to school, and gets to meet his internet-friend Orson in person for the first time. But Robbie gets more than he bargains for when Orson reveals that some of his friends aren’t human!

Please take a moment to visit the campaign and make a pledge or share their work!


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I noticed the patches on the chair….that says to me “i really like this chair and used it so much it got worn, but I still take good care of it and won’t throw it out”. putting a patch on a tear means you care enough not to leave the rip open.

I also like all the books :3 A little unsettled by the window-like door though. I can’t imagine not having a curtain on it or something for when you want privacy.

It’s a horrible cliche, but I have to admit my immediate reaction was “He must have a ‘significant other’, because that’s way too neat to be a bachelor pad…”

Well, that is just a lovely cozy room! Except for the couch facing away from the door, and yes, I’m paranoid! Nice job on the background.

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