The High Sage's wife is dead, and the trickster god of knowledge whispers of foul play.  Are the heirs to the Itsuri throne next?  Rebellious Tama is confident that he can outwit any foe, although his demure sister, Mizha, and his loyal blood-brother, Zhiro, aren't so sure.  Mysterious strangers and dark conspiracies will challenge them as they walk beyond the will of the gods.


C13P37 Choke on it

C13P37 Choke on it published on 8 Comments on C13P37 Choke on it

I get the feeling that this guy would feel a lot better if he joined the theater club, or wrote some poetry, or something.  He’s definitely got a flair for the dramatic. I ran a 7th Sea RP this weekend, and I want to tell you about it, but I am exhausted and my depression… Continue reading C13P37 Choke on it