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Fan Contest #4 – ShadowRubyRose

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The following entries were for the 2017 LeyLines Fan-work Contest.  To skip to the start of chapter 13, click here.

Prolog in General

Before the Ley Line University spring break, all of its students made plans for vacation.

Some of them decided to spend it determining their dedication.

Some planned on hanging out with family and friends,

While others planned on finding themselves or making amends.

As a student of Ley Line University, myself I planned to watch my classmates’ stories unfold.

Never did I expect my classmates: Zhiro, Mizha va Naza, Tama va Naza, and Kali to invite me into their fold,

By inviting me to join them on their Spring Break plans.

A part of me was hoping we would go to the beach and get tans.

Genuinely surprised, I accepted the invite not knowing how the break would go.

Before I describe what happened during the break to you, you should know about my four companions and the school we go to.


Ley Line University is a well-known university where students are encouraged to be

What makes them happy and to be themselves, to be free.

Not bottle who they are, or be hard on themselves.

Especially avoid being what others think of them on stereotype shelves.

However, this is easier said than done.

As people push their ideas of others unto them by rumors made true and that’s no fun.

The principle of the university, Vision, recreated the school with an ambitious ally.

All over the school you can find pictures of them way up high.

And trophies from when the Lighting Snakes, the university’s basketball team,

Wound up living a dream.

The Lighting Snakes defeated a rival college team, the Burning Truths, whose mascot was a bird making them look like fools.

Some say that Vision contributed to the win via immoral tools.

Others say that the Lighting Snakes devoured the Burning Truths at the game,

Which resulted in them getting a ton of reputable fame.

There are also rumors that va Naza siblings’ father is a heavy financial backer of the university which is why Tama got accepted.

But I know for a fact despite Tama’s occasional childish pranks he cares about others, in terms of volunteer work he has everyone bested.

Now I’ll start describing my companions by telling you about the va Naza siblings, who are quite the odd bunch.

And not just because Zhiro is adopted, I have a hunch

That all three will live up to the Ley Line motto.

Hopefully they won’t all wind up living in a grotto.


Tama as I have mentioned before is a clown.

Even though he is considered by all to receive (whether he is a good choice or not) his father’s crown,

As sole heir to a prosperous company who has lost some of its backers by making good moral decisions,

Like supporting fair treatment of all people. Tama wants to give the company visions.

However, he wants to different than his father; he wants to know about the people

By doing so he hopes to create a strong company with a strong steeple.

Which is admirable but not what his father wants.

Therefore, Tama tends to make several taunts

Towards what his father wants while Mizha was different.

I could tell she tried her hardest to be indifferent,

About how everyone expected her to do what her father wanted.

None of them ever considered the tasks were what haunted

Her or that she did not want to play the traditional role of a rich family’s daughter.

Every time she became aware of a plotter,

Who’s plans included her acting in a certain way,

She would pretend to be what they wanted and make their day.

Eventually, she could not handle pretending any longer.

She did not know that she was stronger,

Then she thought herself to be.

Therefore, Zhiro who loved her so was forced to see,

A side of her he’d never known.

A mean part of her that lashed out in the hopes Zhiro would no longer love her was shown.

Since then she has put more effort into being the person she wants to be.

As everyone can clearly see,

Mizha has started to actively pursue excellence in her learning.

As luck, would have it; it seems to be working!

In Mrs. Rainbow’s Psychology class Mizha does well,

Learning about dreams and what they mean from the unconscious where they dwell.

She enjoys that class and believes she has found her calling.

However, in Mr. Dreamian’s History or Photography class she seems to be falling.

Which brings me to the last va Naza sibling,

Zhiro, who has no desire for quibbling.

He made a deal with Mr. Dreamian to help Mizha in Photography and History.

Mr. Dreamian will tutor Mizha if Zhiro eliminates the mystery

Of Mrs. Rainbow’s husband as none of the students believe that Mr. Dreamian is the person she is married

To. And Mr. Dreamian has already tried to explain with varied

Results. Therefore, Zhiro agreed to the deal without asking Mizha how she felt

And unsure of how the situation should be dealt

With. But alas let’s get back to understanding Zhiro who seems eager to please his adoptive father.

To prove himself not a bother.

From what I have seen Zhiro is very intelligent.

I suppose that makes sense since his father had him train with another successful company to make his performance excellent.

Though if you ask Mr. Dreamian, Zhiro is an excellent pupil, always eager to learn the truth of the past.

At some point I expect Mr. Dreamian to say learn History or Photography it’ll be a blast.

But where was I again?

Oh yes, I was talking about Zhiro and about to explain

That one could say Zhiro is like a monk dedicated to his profession.

In this case, it would be learning at Ley Line University and I have a confession.

Out of Tama, Mizha, and Zhiro; I think Zhiro is cute.

But every time we can hangout I seem to go mute.


The last of our group is Kali, who happens to be on the Ley Line University’s swimming team.

Some say she’s living the dream,

As leader of the team, which worships her as one that brings the rain.

Silly, I know, but when Kali performs in meets she seems nothing like plain.

However, I recently noticed she does not seem to enjoy the attention.

I should have made a mention,

Of it to somebody but it seems the va Nazas could help.

Yet what would have happened if they had helped, would I have just said, “Oh, kelp.”

Remember to always be there for people, if you notice they seem down.

Because the positive difference you can make, can change their frown.

Now that I have introduced our party,

It is time to discuss the Spring Break, hah hardly.

First, I should explain that each party member did agree to tell a story on a whim.

Now as the lights begin to dim,

Tama will be the first to begin.

The Jester’s Role

Once in a faraway land a traveler asked the king’s jester,

“Why is it that you always pester?”

The jester hearing this replied,

“Why, good traveler I merely tried

To make all those frowns turn upside down.

Maybe you could go enjoy yourself in town.

I apologize if you have no fun.

Perhaps you should relax by bathing in the sun.”

The traveler scowled,

The conversation been fouled.

Frowning, the jester sighed

Then smiling tried

To change the traveler’s mood.

He offered the traveler some food,

With which to throw at this pestering man,

Of whom this traveler was not a fan.

After throwing some tomatoes, the traveler joyfully left.

He did not realize the jester’s theft.

“What?! The jester stole from him?”

“Mizha, my sister, the jester stole from him his dim

Unhappy attitude by bringing him joy.”

“The jester should not let himself be used like a toy.”

Commented Kali in a serious tone.

“Whose story is this?” Tama replied with a groan.


This excellent romp, a delight to all fellow writing and history fans, was crafted by ShadowRubyRose!

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