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Fan-Contest #2 – Jenn

Fan-Contest #2 – Jenn published on 4 Comments on Fan-Contest #2 – Jenn

The following entries were for the 2017 LeyLines Fan-work Contest.  To skip to the start of chapter 13, click here.

Today’s entry comes from Jenn Hatton!  No matter the era, Tama never changes…except to be more stylish! I love that Mizha is the boss. She’d absolutely be the boss. Crack that whip, boss lady!


Updates resume in August! During the break I’m posting the lovely entries I was sent for the LeyLines fan-creation contest on our usual update days (Monday and Wednesday).  At the end we’ll have a vote for you to pick your favorite!  So please enjoy these excellent creations and show their makers some love by visiting their websites.

I’ll also be posting my regular vlogs over on Patreon.  More on what Patrons can expect this month (and some fun convention stories from DCC!) in July’s first vlog of the month.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Ack! Well that caught me off guard. Thank you again for posting this up. I hope you are taking care of yourself this month.

Good job Jenn! The way each of the characters are acting seems exactly like what would happen if they all worked together in a modern setting.

Robin, I hope you are able to relax. You and Cory deserve a good vacation. Ley Lines is a great comic and I’ll be sure to mention it to friends.

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