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Chapter Seven: Cowardice

Chapter Seven: Cowardice published on 5 Comments on Chapter Seven: Cowardice

Welcome back from the Winter Break!  I hope you enjoyed the fantastic contributions by your fellow readers – if you haven’t seen them, you can check them out starting here.  Thank you to everyone who helped!  The break was much needed, and time well spent!  My buffer is nearly back up to full and I’m feeling much refreshed!

I did make a new video over the break about designing a character arc.  While I did write it specifically for Original Character Tournament applications, it’s a technique I use in every project.  LeyLines included.  Each character has an eight-step arc, as laid out in the video, on a season, series, and chapter basis.  Definitely recommend it as a useful writing exercise!  The process I use is adapted from Brian McDonald’s book “Invisible Ink” which is at the top of my writing resource list!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Aw maaaaan now I want to draw OG stuff again… Dammit!! *shakes fist*

Awesome looking into your process though 😮
I was never very good at story telling, but this technique is a good place for me to start practicing! Thanks for sharing!

It’s funny how years later, I still miss OG. Such a great OCT on so many levels!

I’m a very structure-oriented person, so having a series of steps to go through really helps focus my work. I’ve tweaked it a lot over the years. When I actually worked on Frost, the process was not nearly so developed, and I ended up following the steps more by instinct than intention. I did have an arc set out for him, but the actual structure was less thought out.

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