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Chapter 10 – What was Lost

Chapter 10 – What was Lost published on 1 Comment on Chapter 10 – What was Lost

A big Thank You yet again to the wonderful and talented Phantom for creating this chapter’s cover! You can find more of Phantom’s work here on Tumblr!

If you missed it, Feedback Day was last Friday. Many of the improvements made last chapter were a direct result of the responses I got from Chapter Eight’s critique. I rely heavily on your comments to isolate areas that need improvement in my work. If you have a moment, I’d really appreciate it you’d share any thoughts you have on what I did well and/or need to improve! Thank you to those that have already shared your thoughts!

And last but not least on our announcements is the wonderful Max Miller Dowdle was kind enough to interview me on my process, influences, and the greatest power of graphic storytelling. I had a lot of fun answering his questions, and you can read the whole thing here! Thanks Max!

Hope you’re all excited for chapter ten! It’s going to be a fun one!

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