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Chapter 09 – More than Blood

Chapter 09 – More than Blood published on 20 Comments on Chapter 09 – More than Blood

THANK YOU to everyone that contributed to the break! If you missed it, I highly recommend checking out all the amazing work that people submitted! The break began here. An extra big thank you to Phantom for also providing Chapter Nine’s cover, so I could focus on making pages.

The break gave me some much-needed mental and emotional space to deal with a lot of HUUUUGE decisions. What decisions, you ask? Well, I’ve made a video that breaks it down for you below, but the quick version is 1) New Job, 2) New Name, 3) New Life. Unfortunately, with trying to make all of that happen, I will be reducing LeyLines pages until things stabilize.

Mondays and Wednesdays will be comic days. Fridays will be blog days, where I’ll share my thoughts on a specific aspect of storytelling, development material, and answer reader questions. This will be temporary, and I appreciate your understanding during this difficult transition!


Transcript for those that cannot view the video:
Greetings, LeyLians! Some very big changes are happening in my life, and I wanted to include you in everything is going on, especially as it will impact LeyLines. The near future will include a New Job, a New Name, and a New Life.

New Job
As some of you know, I don’t work full time on LeyLines. I have a day job, where I work as an engineer. While this has given me the financial stability that made a lot of what we’ve done so far possible, I’m increasingly frustrated with engineering. It only utilizes a tiny fraction of my strengths, and plays instead to most of my weaknesses. So I have decided to look for not only a new employer, but a new career. I don’t yet know what I’ll be doing. The exciting part is there are many options. The terrifying part is that there are many options! Right now I’m looking into everything I can. I’ve set up a LinkedIn profile, and if you’d like to join my network, or have suggestions on what I might look into, it would be very much appreciated. You can find the link to that below!

New Name
Cory and I have been together for almost a decade, and we’ve been intending to get married for a while, but never could seem to find the time. Neither of us is much for ceremonies, and the idea of planning a big wedding that we didn’t want was not nearly as exciting as planning conventions, publishing books, and writing new stories. So we’ve decided that if ceremonies aren’t for us, why not just skip that part? So there will be no exchange of rings or vows, just some paperwork at the courthouse, but in the future you’ll see the name on the covers change from Dempsey to Childs. I’m very much ready to leave that name behind me.

New Life
My entire life, I’ve gone the path of MOST resistance. I’ve always played to my weaknesses, not my strengths. In my professional life, I tried to walk a linear and miserable path dictated by my upbringing, rather than my own desires and abilities. And despite all that, I’ve always been very good at what I do, because I’ve just worked harder to make up the difference. So I’m intrigued to find out what happens when I work smarter, instead of harder. What I’m really capable of when I’m working on things I care about, and with skills that I’m naturally GOOD at.

Making these changes represents more than just a change of working environment, but a change in how I view myself and my future. As you might imagine, it’s very difficult emotionally and psychologically to challenge the patterns I’ve governed so much of my life by. However, I’m certain the outcome will be a happier and healthier life. I appreciate your patience as I go through this transition.

There will be some immediate, if temporary, impacts. With job searching, interviewing, and soul-searching going on, I don’t have as much time or energy to devote to LeyLines. So we will be scaling back the schedule to two pages a week until things stabilize again. I’d prefer not to have to do this, but I figure two pages a week that you can count on is better than not knowing when there will, or will not, be content. So Monday and Wednesday will be comic days. I’m thinking of making Friday more of a blog day, where I can share WIP sketches, character interviews, and answer reader questions. If that sounds interesting to you, let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for your support. I am continually amazed at how incredibly kind LeyLians are. Your encouragement is a huge source of strength for me. I hope that I will have good news to report soon!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I said it briefly on Twitter…but I’ll say it again and hopefully more eloquently.

After ten years together, there shouldn’t be a need for a ceremony, in most states your married by commonwealth law anyway. A courthouse document will suit the situation just fine! CONGRATULATIONS, Robin Childs!

I can understand about wanting to work in a profession you love rather than one that strangles you slowly. Are you planning on retaining your current job until a new position is available to you or are you going to give notice and throw yourself wholeheartedly into a new job search? I really do hope you come up with a career path that is both rewarding and stable! All the best in your search!

And as far as the comic updates go…chica…I don’t know how you maintain three a week, so two a week isn’t all that drastic a drop. 😀 I’d still be happy if you went down to one a week so long as there were continued regular updates! You do great work! 😀

I thought for a moment on this cover you decided to change art styles somewhat. I like this idea…It’s awesome! Hmmm…can I steal the idea for some future chapter covers on my comics? (Especially after I start MY new job next month!)

Looking forward to what this chapter brings!

Congratulations on all the life changes! It’s really not easy switching careers and just going for it is admirable! I wish you lots of luck and I hope lots of good things are headed your way.

And I love your storytelling insights so that will be a great addition to the schedule. Do what you need to do; great stories are worth waiting for.

This is all so fantastic! I’m really happy for you!

Y’know, I was gonna ask you a while ago when you were thinking about tying the knot. There’s something super-satisfying about getting to say “my husband” instead of “my boyfriend.” 😀

Also, I think the character-answer thing would be super-fun.

(In other news, I am not ready for a Zhiro-Tama beatdown. Don’t let this be a thing. My heart can’t take it.)

Let me say this first.
You have chutzpah. Kahoneys. BALLS.
You are probably one of the single bravest persons that I have the pleasure of knowing. All these steps you are taking are for your betterment and I feel, wholeheartedly, that they will pay off in the end. You probably have no idea how happy I am for you right now. Making a decision like this was likely the MOST DIFFICULT step in this transition. But I’m glad you took it and will support you in any way that I can.

That being said, if you need anything from me; be it mentions on the podcast, liking stuff on facebook, help on projects or just being a soundboard to bounce ideas off of in BOTH your comic life AND your mundane life, you know where I am. Email, skype, you name it. I’ll make myself available for ya.

It’s scary. I know it’s scary. YOU know it’s scary. But you know you have friends, both IRL and Virtual who are going to have your back no matter what.

Best of luck, and my sincere best wishes, my excellent friend.

PS – I’m not concerned with your update schedule. twice a week is still plenty of updates. 😀

Shayne, somehow, someday, I am giving you the biggest hug I can muster. I must make it to Canada somehow!!

Your comment has been one of the most helpful to me, because it acknowledges how hard and scary this is…but also that it’s a good thing, and worth it. And that makes it easier to remember why I’m doing this, when the doubts creep up and I get afraid again. It makes it easier to remember that there is a lot of excitement, and things to look forward to!

I have a few things I may shoot your way in email. I’d love to get your take on them!

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