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C4P38 – Backlash

C4P38 – Backlash published on 16 Comments on C4P38 – Backlash

Turns out smashing things is not as cathartic when you’re not the one doing the smashing.

Today is the last day for the blood moth designs! Thank you to everyone that’s sent in their face tattoo ideas, they are awesome!!

I’d also like to welcome all the new visitors from SpaceTrawler and several of the wonderful SpiderForest members! I hope you enjoy my comic! Feel free to comment and introduce yourself — I won’t bite, I promise! No guarantees on hugs tho. I’m a bit of a hugger.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Okay, I’ve got nothing for the Blood Moth contest (stupid 9-5 workdays exhausting me like that) but I would just like to say anything around the eye socket is EXCRUCIATINGLY painful and anyone with a tattoo around there has my undying respect for their handling of pain at the very least. I speak as someone who had a car window bashed into her face right around the eye socket– the actual corner of my eye was cut by a piece of glass. I’ve had to have more surgeries than I can remember to reconstruct my face. And they HURT. The feeling of a needle piercing the skin right below your eyebrow is like nothing I can explain. Worse than broken bones.

tl;dr anyone with a tattoo that crosses their eye is an amazingly awesome BAMF and I think I will love them just for that.

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