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C4P37 – Cracks

C4P37 – Cracks published on 15 Comments on C4P37 – Cracks

Thank you to everyone that’s submitted a blood moth design! They are all so awesome!! I’ll only have room for about three or four of them in chapter five, but there will be other opportunities in future chapters (waaaay future) for me to use all of them eventually!! They are all too cool not to find a way to fit them in!

I’m making the cut-off for designs THIS WEDNESDAY, so if you’d like to submit a design, email me before that time!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Oh, snap! (Literally.)

And, in other news… Pakku, you dumbass.

Is the general public aware of Mizha’s mother’s connection to the Rainbow Goddess?

Illusionists aren’t really well understood in Itsuri culture, especially near the capitol. Many Itsuri folk assume that all Pwama folk have some sort of cheap magician tricks that they commonly practice. Another large segment of the population believes that to be Pwama propaganda. While she didn’t keep her powers a secret, it’s not something Naiome publicized or demonstrated outside of the home. Illusions, in general, are considered very personal and private in Pwama culture.

Also that shattered effect must have been a bitch to draw and keep consistent. How’d you do it?

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