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C4P36 – Edge of Dreaming

C4P36 – Edge of Dreaming published on 10 Comments on C4P36 – Edge of Dreaming

There is a maximum range for Dreamings — linked to the mirror, not the person. So you could start a Dreaming and then have it move far away from you if someone carried the mirror off. As a result, SOME of the train is impacted by this altered reality. And some of it isn’t.

Already seeing some EPIC Blood Moth Tattoo designs come in! Please keep emailing them in! I’ll be coloring the pages I’m working on next week, so the deadline will be next Wednesday!

As part of the Spider Forest Collective, we’re doing a comic of the week! Today’s feature is Footloose! Keti Jones is a third generation Primary Protagonist, with some seriously mixed up DNA and a predispotion to Multiple Genre-induced Sanity Dysfunction. In a world where the rules of Fiction control everything she must learn to defend herself… with shoes.


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If the dream has a range and some of the train isn’t it, my first tought goes to people outside the train, next to the rails.
Some random farmer for example who is just doing his job when the trains goes by.

What would he see? What would he think?

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