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C4P35 – Run!

C4P35 – Run! published on 11 Comments on C4P35 – Run!

I’m currently working on an elite force from Pwama. Made entirely of women, the Blood Moths were one of the most feared groups in the war. When they entered the battlefield, memories of the horrors they would inflict would never leave the minds of their victims. IF anyone survived, that is.

Blood moths shaved their heads to represent that they had left everything feminine and gentle behind. They had become warriors, something without gender or the concerns of family or friends. Bloodshed and victory were to be their only priorities.

Each had a unique tattoo on their face in red ink. I want your help in designing them! Create a tattoo design and send it to me. My three favorites will be included in the comic β€” specifically, in chapter five! I can’t wait to see your designs!


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My English isn’t good enough to tell you all my emotions and feelings about your work.
but I’ll try:
i really love your style and colors, but my favorite thing is your lines. Tey’re just incredibly amazing!
And story, of course! I truly love EVERY your character! (their names make me a little confused, but i love them too! :3)
I still hope that everything will be all right πŸ˜€

Their names give everybody trouble. πŸ™‚ I’m so, so glad that you enjoy my story and art so much!! And thank you for the compliment on my lines — I’ve been working hard to get better at them since I started!! I’m happy that the work is showing!

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