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C4P33 – Consequences

C4P33 – Consequences published on 13 Comments on C4P33 – Consequences

Dun dun DUUUUUUN!!! *grins evily* See you Mooooonnnndaaaaaaay!

Sorry this is late! I woke up and thought it was Thursday. Then suddenly — REALIZATION! So I rushed back home and posted! It has been CRAZY busy this past week! Was at wedding in Seattle Monday, flew back, work has been crazy, emergency book shipment of the first 40 LeyLines Volume 1 came in (THEY LOOK AWESOME), the exclusive Moko Elite pins came in for you high rollers that want the limited run, hardcover, artist edition, collector version of the book (the pins are SO SNAZZY! Gold plated, red enamel, MOKO bling!!) and all of the Original Character Tournament stuff is ramping up for launch. (And I’m still mulling over the amazing responses people have shared to my Loki Antagonist’s Tale article!) I’m not sure my head is still attached to my body. I’m pretty sure it just spun itself off and floated away.

Am I the only one, or is it just a busy time of year??


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Silly Pakku… I understand him so much better than I would like to.

I didn’t say it in my first comment, but nice all-around build-up to and construction of this scene. A lot of pieces had to fit just so to bring us to this one moment where Mizha’s fate is in Dr. Milan and Lu Pai’s hands, literally. And it was done very naturally so that I didn’t even realize it was all being set up. Nice work!

Oh yes! With regards to that article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and passed it on to my parents to read. I lucked out, in my case; my parents are as quirky as I am, and encouraged me to take pride in my strangeness, so I probably have less of the described self esteem issues myself, but I have known a number of people with exactly that point of view.

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