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C4P32 – Are you crazy?

C4P32 – Are you crazy? published on 15 Comments on C4P32 – Are you crazy?

I’m back from Washington! What a whirlwind Seattle was! Whew!! Now I gotta settle back in and figure out everything I need to do! I did have a wonderful flight back next to fantastically energetic and enthusiastic lady! She was such a pleasure to talk to that the time flew by (no pun intended…okay, maybe a LITTLE intended) a musician, a gardener, and a woman that believed that things happened for a reason. Even sitting next to somebody on the plane. 🙂 Such a blast!

Who was the most interesting stranger you ever met on a plane, train, or bus?

As part of the Spider Forest Collective, I am featuring a comic of the week. This week: Precocious! Some kids are too smart for their own good, and these little geniuses are wonderfully warped!


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Color me confused, I rather came to the same conclusion! As for the trip part, I usually end up next to some one interesting if I can stop being shy/travel sick! My favorite was a Nun who was on her first trip to the United States. So some reason she thought I would have kids or something….(I was 15 at the time.)

I am probably more like Pakku in that I am the one sitting silently, finding things to be annoyed about with my fellow passengers. I’m not saying that with pride, just honesty. 🙂

It varies with me. I’m trying to work on my listening and conversational skills. Asking open-ended questions is something I’m trying to get better at, in particular. Plane trips seemed like the perfect place to practice getting to know people!

I caught your panel at StarCon and finally had the time to sit down and read this story from beginning to current. I really like the development of the cultures and the characters are quite believable. Looking forward to more.

Thank you not only for making it to the panel, but also taking a look at my work! That is awesome!! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the culture and characters — I wanted to create a really rich setting with a people-focused story. It sounds like I’m on the right track!

Are you planning on going to Denver Comic Con too? I’m super excited for it!! I can’t believe it’s now just a month away!

I don’t often wind up talking to the people I encounter traveling, but I did get the opportunity to encourage a boy who’d just graduated HS to follow his artistic dreams on this trip. He wants to be a dancer, and was convinced he wouldn’t be able to get into any appropriate college because of his grades in his unrelated classes, which were poor because he spent all his time working on his dancing.

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