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C4P28 – Message

C4P28 – Message published on 11 Comments on C4P28 – Message

One of the limitations of being a goddess — you can’t just speak your mind in plain Pamaru.

People have wondered about how much direct impact the gods & goddesses have — and very few of them can act directly. These are not Greek Olympians that stop by as a shower of rain or a goose to have a little fun with the local peasants. Or give birth to eight-legged-horses after a scheme to stop the creation of a wall. Instead, they must act through agents, usually only when called upon. In the end, the mortals may have more control over their gods than their gods have over their worshipers.

Most of the time.

SPEAKING of myths and gods — LOKI. AVENGERS. SO MUCH FUN. Just got back from the theater and I have to say I had an absolute blast. The team dynamics are wonderfully balanced, something I have GOT to study for my own work. Nobody felt over-powering, everyone came across as a unique individual, but each grouping of characters had a different dynamic. Eager to find an opportunity to try that more myself. And Loki. Ohhhh Loki. I relate to that character in a way that I can’t adequately express.

Anyone else seen it?? What did you think?


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I hear so many good things about the Avengers. Probably won’t be able to see it until the weekend after next. I’m looking forward to it. Wow, the imagery on this page, I think the Goddess’ message flew over my head, but I’m guessing all will become clear in time!

I’m glad you like the imagery! I love my cryptic symbolism, yes I do! A small piece of it will be explained very soon. The rest will have to simmer. I write my stories for the looooooong haul!

And I definitely recommend the Avengers. I actually found it quite thought provoking — not what I was expecting out of a superhero slug-fest!


Also, yes, the Avengers was probably the most perfect movie I’ve ever seen. I was really surprised how well everyone was used: everyone, even the characters who weren’t featured as much, had a sensible purpose in the plot and did interesting things. (And I am completely in love with Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. I mean, really. If they leave him out of the Black Widow movie, I will be very sad.)

I am in complete agreement! Everybody felt like real people with unique, quirky personalities that meshed in interesting ways. And I didn’t know they were making a Black Widow movie! Interesting… (Now, if I could get a Loki film, I would be happy. Thor? Pff, who needs Thor…)

It’s in talks, apparently. And I was pissed about this until I saw Avengers and realized Black Widow’s actress can actually act. She’s just been holding out on us.

But… but Chris Hemsworth has the most beautiful biceps in the history of biceps. (Although I totally agree with you.)

I just saw it over the weekend and I completely agree. All of the characters and the ways they interacted were pretty much perfect… but it’s Joss Whedon, so I had faith. X3 I personally have a soft spot for Tony Stark, but Loki is a close, close second… then again, I have a long history with those second-best, aspiring-to-be-king, mind-control-capable types. I wonder what that says about me… << Anyway, as for this page… huge nostalgia wave for SoG. I just had to grin.

It’s the claw-hands that do it, isn’t it? Oh SoG…

I think Joss’ strength definitely lies in teams. It’s pretty rare to find a skilled ensemble writer, but overall his best work is always when he’s juggling a huge team (Buffy, Firefly). The smaller the group, the less I enjoy his work (Doll House, early Angel). He breaks the “must have a main character” writer’s rule!!

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