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C4P27 – Goddess

C4P27 – Goddess published on 24 Comments on C4P27 – Goddess

This is one of my favorite pages that I’ve ever done! So much so, that I made into the poster for my booth. The photo of which I can FINALLY SHOW YOU GUYS WITHOUT SPOILING ANYTHING. Wheeeee!

*flails like a Muppet manned by a toddler on twenty-two pixie stix*


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Also, oh man. I just painted the Harbinger (ask Cory) and she has a flowing robe like that too, and while I’m really proud of how my paint job turned out, now I want to repaint her to match this! The flowing blue is just so nicely done!

Hey, I’m a new reader!
I actually wanted to stay quiet for a while because I enjoy this story way to much to comment on it, but this page…
This page is so amazing! I love it! I always had a thing for rainbow godesses – but this disign ups most of them! Maybe because of the faceless face, or the amazing hair with the relativly simple blue dress… I love it!
it’s my favorit page so far!
okay, have to go now – I have to read a lot more pages today…

[…] The relation of the LeyLines’ magic system to the dreamscape is much clearer through the character of Mizha. Mizha is, literally, a “dreamer” – one who blurs the line between reality and the dreamscape, allowing her to enter it at will and remake the reality within. Even more amazing, it seems the events which take place inside the dreamscape can also effect the real world: when Mizha drops out of the dreamscape unexpectedly in Chapter three, for instance, the dreamers physical bodies end up in the desert instead of the train they had been traveling in. These powers are available through the influence of the “Rainbow Goddess,” the mistress of imagination and creativity. […]

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