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C4P27 – Goddess

C4P27 – Goddess published on 23 Comments on C4P27 – Goddess

This is one of my favorite pages that I’ve ever done! So much so, that I made into the poster for my booth. The photo of which I can FINALLY SHOW YOU GUYS WITHOUT SPOILING ANYTHING. Wheeeee!

*flails like a Muppet manned by a toddler on twenty-two pixie stix*


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Also, oh man. I just painted the Harbinger (ask Cory) and she has a flowing robe like that too, and while I’m really proud of how my paint job turned out, now I want to repaint her to match this! The flowing blue is just so nicely done!

Hey, I’m a new reader!
I actually wanted to stay quiet for a while because I enjoy this story way to much to comment on it, but this page…
This page is so amazing! I love it! I always had a thing for rainbow godesses – but this disign ups most of them! Maybe because of the faceless face, or the amazing hair with the relativly simple blue dress… I love it!
it’s my favorit page so far!
okay, have to go now – I have to read a lot more pages today…

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