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C4P25 – Glad you’re here

C4P25 – Glad you’re here published on 39 Comments on C4P25 – Glad you’re here

Tama may be right. Zhiro seems be getting a little sassy with all these injuries. Everybody copes with bad situations differently, I guess!

I’ve been planting vegetables in the garden all weekend. A little early, but I won’t be around for normal planting time, so I wanted them to get established before I leave for a little while. Tomatoes, squash, carrots, beets, onions, lettuce. I like practical plants. Never been a big fan of flowers, although I’ll confess a fondness for iris blooms and lilacs. It’s so strange, taking care of seedlings. Is it odd, to think of them almost like children? I want them to have only the best soil, the perfect amount of water, to set them up for future success. I view LeyLines in the same way. It is a seedling, a child, and I want to give it my best and get it started right. I want it to put down roots and grow into something magnificent.

I guess that’s what people mean when they have a project that is “their baby”!

Do you have any project that is “your baby” right now?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

LOL Zhiro is definitely a bit dingy at the moment. HE really doesn’t look all that good!

I did research on the ACTUAL impacts of a stab wound, vs. what the movies would have you believe. It isn’t pretty. And, considering the amount of blood you can lose in a hurry, just because he’s got a bandage on, doesn’t mean Zhiro is out of the woods yet.

I like the humor and bromance on this page. I have multiple babies right now (well, besides my two actual toddlers), and some of them are crying from lack of care. Need to get back around to them.

I didn’t know you were a dad! Congratulations!! Although I have heard that makes time management for actual kids and creative “children” a challenge! How do you find a balance?

Thank you. Yeah, I have been a stay-at-home dad now for almost two years, and finding time to write while caring for my girls has been difficult. The biggest help has been moving closer to my parents (from 450 miles away to 2 miles away), which I did about a month ago. Now M-F, my mom watches the girls for three hours in the morning, which helps a lot. But I also carve out whatever time I can: before they wake up, during their nap, after they go to sleep. Having small windows to write in sometimes helps to motivate me. Kind of like, “It’s now or never!”

I’m in the planning stage of a new webcomic. I think it is reaching “baby” stage. I’m excited enough about it. I’m trying to get my drawing skills up so it can be as perfect as I can get it.

Awesome! What’s your new webcomic about??

It has two storylines going on at once. In one storyline a girl, Zoe, deals with her father’s illness by deciding she is going to grow up to cure cancer. This one will be colored in blues.
In the other storyline, Zoe does not exist. Her mother has to deal with her husband’s cancer (as well as her own problems) by herself. This storyline will be colored in reds.

Whoooaaa that is an amazing concept!! And what a writing challenge! I can’t even imagine the storytelling logistics involved to get pacing right. How do you reconcile deviations in events?

Thanks! Yeah, I’m thinking I will have an installment of both storylines on every update day (or update one on Mondays and the other on Thursdays or something) I am thinking for archive divers it would be good to have the option of reading one storyline to the present and then the other, but for people reading as it updates I like the idea of advancing both plots at the same time. Some events will be happening at the same time in both plots, so I want people to see the different sides at once. That seems kind of choppy for reading in one or a couple sittings though, so that’s why I think it would be good to read one plot at a time.

I’m probably an odd-ball for saying this but I don’t see any project I have as a babay/child/ anything like that. Probably because I have no paternal instincts, really.
I enjoy doing my podcast weekly, but if I stop doing it, so be it. then it’ll be time to move on to something else.

Great couple of pages though. 🙂

Tama at his best. I love this ‘We’re alone’ dynamic.

Also, I have a lot of babies all centered in one world, so I guess that world is my baby. A graphic novel, at least two regular ones, a bunch of pictures and one-shots and development… yeah, I think the world is my baby.

I’ve always been interested with the idea of having a world-baby instead of a character/plot-baby. Have you read Vattu, Rice Boy, or Order of Tales? They all take place in the same world, but are self-contained stories! I think it’s a fascinating idea! (http://rice-boy.com/)

I hadn’t heard of those! That sounds fascinating, and a lot like what I’m doing. I have more of a time-span than a world span at the moment (800 years of history that I actually use :D) but I’m working on that.

Definitely recommend checking out Evan’s work, then! His stories each take place in a different time period within the world. I think it’s a fantastic model, especially for a webcomic! The stories are shorter and more manageable, but still connected.

Man, I really love the relationship between Tama and Zhiro. They really are brothers 🙂 It’s wonderful to see, especially knowing the prejudice most others show against Zhiro and his race.

My church is also planting a garden! We just rototilled a section of the front lawn, and the veggies (and maybe some fruits, hopefully!) we grow will be used in our Sunday brunches 😀 I’m super excited!

As for a personal project, I’m really looking forward to creating my own website to display my artwork for potential employers 🙂 I have a ton to do right now (finishing classes, finishing details for my wedding in 27 days, graduating, etc) so I haven’t been able to work on it at all yet. It’s all in my head currently.

The relationship between Tama and Zhiro is by far one of my favorite dynamics in LeyLines. I’m so excited to continue working with it and evolving it over time.

That sounds like such a fun community project for your Church! What a cool idea! Your Sunday brunches are no doubt going to be amazingly delicious!

Wow, do you have a lot going on!! Graduation, Wedding Planning, AND a website! So many exciting things! Best of luck with them all!

We do have some pretty amazing cooks in our little group :3 This one woman makes amazing guacamole, and I have no idea how she does it…

Robin, do you have any advice for crafting a website? I’ve got basic coding abilities and very vague ideas about how to get one started, but some tips from someone experienced would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t actually have much ability in coding. I hired somebody to help me! If you have questions on design, I’m working on something for the PaperWings Podcast that will be ready for the near-ish future! It also depends on exactly how you want your website to function, and what you want to do with it. WordPress is very powerful, but it can be very cookie-cutter if you don’t tweak it! What kind of experience do you want people to have when they visit your site? What impression do you want to leave? How do you want people to navigate through content?

(Every time I see Sleeveless!Tama, I hear, “Hey there, sleeveless guy!” a la Suki from “Serpent’s Pass.”)

Also, I love it when Zhiro banters.

I’m working on a sequel to my novel right now. I have a friend who read the first one and really liked it, so I can talk to her about how the writing’s going, but I fear the day she asks to see the draft. Because the draft is terrible. It needs at least one full-scale rewrite. *But* I’m still enjoying myself immensely. Writing and work are the only things that really seem awesome right now.

The reason Tama never talks about his girlfriend that he had in his University days? She turned into the moon. 😉

Sometimes projects just have to have re-writes! I’m working on some script right now that has been driving me crazy with the number of times I’ve over-hauled it. Normally I write once, edit once, draw. Having to re-write for me is new.

I’ve learned that my process involves at least one full-scale rewrite before I can be happy with anything, so it doesn’t bother me. It actually takes off a lot of the pressure, because during the first draft I can tool around and figure out what I’m doing. And the second draft is generally easier, because I already know.

You know if Zhiro saves the day, he’ll go from Zhiro to hero, in no time flat.
*ducks and runs*

I’m all caught up with LeyLines again. Yay! I’ve love the way you did the last pages of the Guilt dream sequence, and the humour between those two above.

As usual you manage to put your finger on the psychological sweetspot in the reasons people behave the way they do. This speaks of much soul searching on your own behalf, for we never know others this well unless we’ve learned to know ourselves a little.

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