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C4P24 – Dr. Tama

C4P24 – Dr. Tama published on 8 Comments on C4P24 – Dr. Tama

I love writing for Tama and Zhiro. Their relationship can manifest in so many different ways, particularly dependent on whether or not they’re in public. Not that observers would change Tama’s behavior – oh no – but it would definitely alter Zhiro’s behavior. Which would probably just goad Tama to act even worse.

This dynamic, when they’re on their own, is by far my favorite. Tama’s bravado is moderated down to reasonable levels, and Zhiro’s natural good humor rises to match it more equally.

Perhaps it’s because the quiet, private moments are my favorites too. At this moment, I sit with my laptop, Star Trek TNG playing while my roommates, best friends, and my love sit together watching, the rain pattering outside. I would gladly have an evening like that than any party or grand event. I think the only kind of moment that could top it would be a lovely walk on a summer evening. 🙂

What’s your favorite kind of moment?


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