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C4P39 – Shattered Dreams

C4P39 – Shattered Dreams published on 17 Comments on C4P39 – Shattered Dreams

Mmmmm…delicious cliff-hanger chapter endings….Excuse me while I attach this mustache and twirl it for a while. >:)

Thank you for all the awesome Blood Moth designs!! I’ve got so many amazing designs that it will be really hard to pick just four to put into chapter five. However, there will be opportunities to include other designs in future chapters, so I plan to sneak in all of them eventually! Thank you again for all the creative and amazing submissions! You guys blew me away!!

I will be at the Denver Comic Con in two weeks with the first ever, fresh off the presses, printed version of volume one, not to mention a whole bunch of other merchandise (pictures Monday!) AND I’ll be giving away FREE sketch cards of LeyLines characters! I would love to meet some local readers, if you feel like stopping by my table in the Artist Alley, or attending the two panels I’ll be part of over the weekend!! Can’t wait, and I hope to see you there!!


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I’ll never get tired in repeading how awesome and unbelivably amazing artist you are! πŸ˜€
Forgive my English, if something is wrong, but small knowleges of language can not stop my excitment :333

GAh! I totally missed out on the Blood Moth thing! I haven’t broken out my tablet in nearly a week! Family showed up early which rather interrupted any digital art plans! HEh.

Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one who plays those cliffhangers to full effect!

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