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C4P22 – Think about what you’ve done

C4P22 – Think about what you’ve done published on 10 Comments on C4P22 – Think about what you’ve done

I feel oddly in-synch with Mizha right now — I’ve had a string of dreams lately where people are trying to kill me. Earlier in the week, I was Spike Spiegel and a small kid was trying to shoot me. Last night, I was escorting a mix between Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein. Not exactly sure what my unconscious is trying to tell me!!

Has anybody else been having weird dreams lately, or is it just me?

As part of the Spider Forest collective, we’re doing a Comic of the Week! This week’s feature is Twilight Lady! In demonic circles, she is spoken of in whispers, and known only as the Nameless Lady in the Hood. For eons she has wandered the realms of the living and dead, craving solitude, yet compelled to aid any wronged who seek justice… or vengeance.


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I have had some odd dreams lately but mostly I am losing the details upon waking. Sometimes that’s the way of it for me. I will say that this page reminds me of dreams I have where I am betrayed by someone close to me, inexplicably. I think the color scheme for the page reflects the feeling of those types of dreams, for me.

I’ve noticed colors can be very important in dreams for me as well! Although, oddly enough, my “danger color” is blue. Bad things ALWAYS happen in my dreams when there’s a lot of blue. Red is actually rarely a bad color.

…Huh. I never thought about this before — I wonder why I didn’t make this page blue?? I guess red is just more “Mizha”!

I wouldn’t know, as I rarely remember my dreams.

A lot of people don’t. I know that some can “train” their mind to start remembering them, if they make an attempt every morning to remember. The act of repeatedly attempting to access that information, even if you can’t gain anything right away, essentially re-programs the brain to start recording things. At least, that’s the theory. I know I remember mine more frequently when I journal them.

I have weird dreams all the time. I’ve had my fair share of death dreams too so it’s not something i’m unfamiliar with.
If these dreams are chase-like it often means that someone or something is activating your sense of threat. What it is can be difficult to see though cause it could be something as simple as an emotion or something as obvious as a person.

It can also just be outside influences affecting your dreams. have you seen a lot of death on tv lately? be it fictional or real?
Maybe just working so hard and often on the comic is having to work itself out in your dreams.

I’m no expert on dreams, these are just tidbits i’ve heard throughout the years.

“Activating your sense of threat” is a good starting point for examining a dream. It looks at the potential cause in a broader way, rather than the idea of “I’m running from something in the dream, therefore I must be running from something in real life.”

I JUST woke up from a dream in which I was a ghost and was killing everyone I loved for no reason at all, so this page is very oddly appropriate right now. I feel for Naiome.

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