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C3P6 – Reputation published on 27 Comments on C3P6 – Reputation

Not sure you want the answer to that question, Vekken…

Ah, siblings. I have heard of siblings that are the best of buds, the ultimate confidant and friend. Yet I have never actually witnessed such a pair. Which seems a shame, as technically nobody on earth will know you as long as your sibling will. Seems a bit of a waste, sometimes.

What about you? Only child? Victim of sibling rivalry? Or are you one of the rare few who has the BEST brother or sister EVER?


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Ohhh cliffhanger! I wanna know why it’s too late!

I…actually know a pair of buddy-buddy siblings! My best friend in high school was like that with his older sister, and it was refreshing but bizarre XD. Personally, my sister and I have a relationship that varies from one end of the spectrum to the other, and we’re not terribly close because we think so differently.

What about you, eh? Or are you an only child?

No, I have a younger sister. Much like you and your sibling, we’re very different in how we approach life. It can make it hard to see eye-to-eye on much, and our relationship has always been pretty rocky. Maybe someday that will change. Possibly when we’re 80 and tired old biddies…

Poor Vekken. XD;

Ah… one of the ‘rare few’ here. XD; I’m really close to both my younger sister (1.5yr gap) and my younger brother (5.5yr gap). Me and my sister still have quite a few mutual friends, thanks to taking part in the school show together.

Actually, now that I think about it, she’s friends with at least one other very close sibling pair – but then, they’re twins, so perhaps it’s not quite as surprising? XD

Turns out you don’t seem to be too rare! Most people who are commenting here and on DA have very good relationships with their siblings. Maybe it’s a Colorado thing?? Wow, I cannot even imagine sharing friends! That’s really neat! I guess since you are closer in age it means that you’d attend the same schools at the same time, which makes that more possible. My sister and I were 3.5 years apart, so often just as I was leaving one level of school, she’d be entering it.

My younger brother and I aren’t quite two peas in a pod, but we get along very well. I take after my dad in mindset and he takes after my mom, so we don’t approach things in the same way but complementary ones. He’s 2.5 years younger than me and I cherish him to bits. I know I’m all kinds of torn up thinking he’ll be going to college next year because he won’t be home when I am!

O_O Oh dear! What’s going to happen??

My younger brother and I hated each other’s guts when we were younger…extremely so. But now we’ve grown up quite a lot and we’re buddies 🙂 Seriously, my brother is SO cool!! He’s an amazing drummer and a fantastic singer and I’m super proud of him.

I have a friend who’s super close to his younger brother. He talks about him a lot and tells stories about him in the ROTC program at our university. Apparently everything they do that makes other people cry out for mercy or just collapse from exhaustion makes his brother grin from ear to ear and laugh like a madman o_o He’s gonna make one scary army man. Which is weird, because he’s also the sweetest guy you’ll meet.

Sounds like your friend and his brother make a ferocious pair!! That must make for an interesting dynamic. I feel a little sorry for anybody that challenges them!!

It’s awesome you’re so close to your brother! Drummer and singer…in a band, I’m guessing?

They pretty much are! If they teamed up against a zombie apocalypse or something, I’m pretty sure they’d win…haha

He’s not in a band, but he’s at a missions training center for music ministry right now 🙂 He’s having a blast!

Eh, my brother is 9years older, and we’re not terribly close, but we grew up in different households, so that might explain that bit. And my sister is 16years younger and she drives me absolutely bonkers, but I do kinda adore her sometimes. My second cousins Joey and Katy are super close, like, the most adorable siblings you could possibly meet, (they seriously make me alternately nauseous and abhorrently jealous) so I know it’s possible, it’s just rare.

I’m an only. (I do have a half-brother, but he doesn’t speak to my family because he doesn’t get on with my mom. Which kind of pisses me off, but if he wants to be a jerk, that’s his prerogative.)

Also. Dramatic textures are dramatic.

Haha! I need to go on a texture photo safari, so I can have more variety in my DRAMA textures. 🙂

A lot of my friends have been only children…my mom always used to make that sound like it was a terrible thing, but a lot of them seem more put-together than the people I’ve known from large families. I think if I was ever to have a kid, I’d stick to one! Thankfully, that decision is still many, many, many years away!

To say that the comments made in this thread are hurtful is an understatement. There is an anger that initially comes with being pushed out of someone’s life, but the sadness that comes with reconciliation attempts being rejected is far worse. If you honestly want that “rockiness” to change before we hit eighty, how about reading the supportive letter and e-mail I sent you and trying to understand what I saw of you in the presents I sent? That fact that you see us not communicating for another sixty years is incredibly depressing to me.

The love and care we have for each other is not always obvious. You will never know the effort I have put in to preserving your self-chosen isolation from mom and dad out of respect for YOU and your decisions as an adult. If you want to reveal these problems publicly to the internet, please first take into consideration what you are saying and the people that it could affect. The damage is done, however, as I’m sure most of your readers now think the rest of your family is full of deranged psychopaths.

It is the one year anniversary since you left us. Despite your comments, I hope you are making significant progress in your healing process. We will always love you and care about how you are doing in all of your endeavors.

Actually, my younger brothers and I are the closest among our family. Right now they’re both in college and busy and we see less of each other than when growing up, and I miss it, but I’m looking forward to when they’ve finished up school and hopefully are living in the same state as me again, and I’ll totally be inviting them over or visiting them as often as I can manage. I’ve always been sad and confused to see siblings that really don’t get along, because even when we fight and argue, we still respect and love each other, and I know that they have my back and I theirs, no matter what. Also, no one else besides my dad and brother share so much of my gastronomic tastes. And my brother more so than my dad.

Me and my sibs are pretty tight. Not quite “ultimate confidante”, but pretty close.

My sister Bri is 15 months younger than me. We fought like cats and dogs until I moved out and now that we aren’t sharing a room we’re pretty much best buds. We grew up thinking of each other as opposites, but context (meeting people from other backgrounds) makes it pretty obvious that we are very similar in many ways.

Tina and Aus are about ten years younger than me, but born within two years of each other. They have a similar dynamic with each other to what Bri and I have. Tina is bossy and ambitious, Aus does his own thing, they’ll both be fine. They’re still a little bit too young for Bri and I to fully let loose on them, but when they’re old enough, we’re gonna have an awesome group culture together. We already do.

I can’t be left alone with Tina because we’ll get in a fight, but that’s precisely because we’re too similar. Sometimes people mistake us for each other, even with the ten-year age difference.

Aus and I play video games together, and do other nerdy things. I encourage his nerdiness.

The four of us together are like peas from the same pod. We look alike. We think alike. I love it when all four of us do things together.

It sounds like you have an amazing family dynamic!! The writer in me just wants to be a fly on the wall and observe how you all interact. 🙂

It’s really interesting how experiences away from the family can alter how we view ourselves, our family members, and our ideas of “normal”. It’s wonderful that your relationship with your sister was strengthened by new perspectives!!

I’m from a big family with five sibling, I’m the fourth oldest. And we are a very close family, doing pretty much everything together. I think that how close you are with your sibling ranges from sibling to sibling and from time to time. For example I’m not too close with my oldest sister but I’m extremely close with my second oldest sister. My sister closest to my age I’m close with but we use to be closer, and my only brother I’ve recently gotten closer too.
And I know a lot of big family’s that aren’t well ‘put-together’ so I understand Robin’s comment, but I think it mainly matter on the family and the parenting methods.

throughout the comic your onamonapia are perfect

I love coming up with onamonapia, but I spend far too much time on them. There’s so many pieces to sound when you break them down. It’s easy to overdo it, or make them “sound” just plain goofy. When they’re good, tho, they can really sell the motion in a static image.

I guess I’m one of the rare few who gets along with my siblings. We all have similar personalities, and nearly identical interests, just to different extents. We all love cheesy romantic stuff, but my sister can spend all day experiencing the cheese. We all love to dig deep into stories and make sense of confusing subjects, but my brother digs so deep it can make your head spin! My siblings and I all love to create, but my other sister is the only one who’s ever finished something!
It’s interesting, because with each of my siblings I tend to have a distinct type of conversation. While, when we’re all together, each type of conversation merges together in very interesting and sometimes subtle ways.

It sounds like you have a really wonderful family dynamic. I have met a few other people that have positive sibling relationships, and it’s always a lovely and heartwarming thing to see. I’m glad that people like you and your brothers and sisters exist.

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